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Soeleish “Special Edition” Magazine Announces “Amy Keed” as January 2024 Cover Feature Entrepreneur!

Las Vegas, Nevada — Soeleish “Special Edition” Magazine Announces “Amy Keed” as January 2024 Cover Feature Entrepreneur!!! Soeleish Magazine is a one-of-a-kind magazine. SLVM is the first magazine dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. It’s purpose is to recognize the efforts and successes of Las Vegas small business owners and entrepreneurs. SLVM is a monthly magazine covering beauty, business, lifestyle, information, and technology. Soeleish Magazine is Las Vegas’ #1 magazine for small business owners.

About Keed Cosmetics: Keed Cosmetics is a beauty cosmetic line featuring make-up, body, and skincare products. Established in 2020, we specialize in cruelty-free and high-pigmented products with an extensive color selection. Our Skincare collections features botanical, nourishing, and hydrating products aimed to be gentle on the skin. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Keed Cosmetics was created by Amy Keed, a multi-faceted entrepreneur who takes pride in her work and community. She is a business owner, book author, cancer advocate, and family portrait photographer.

Mission.Amy started Keed Cosmetics when she helped assemble chemo bags for patients who were going through chemotherapy. She donated many items to the project including lip balms to help alleviate dry cracking lips which is one of the side effects of undergoing chemo treatment. Her nourishing lip balms became a demand so Amy then expanded to providing more lip treatments and grew to offer many other beauty items.

Purpose.Amy is passionate about her community including serving as an advocate for pancreatic cancer and has joined the fight for the cure. Amy has been working alongside her community network to raise support for scientific research, patient care, and awareness to multiple organizations. As a way to give back to the community, Keed Cosmetics donates a portion of proceeds to various organizations around the world. “The beauty within you has a mission to fuel your purpose. Hone in on it.” — Amy Keed

Keed Cosmetics

Media Contact:Company Name: Soeleish LLCContact Person: Rebecca L. BennettEmail: soeleishlasvegas@gmail.comPhone: 702–721–9788State: NevadaCountry: United StatesWebsite:


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